A collage of human faces taken from francophone countries from around the world

Thinking of offering online, hybrid, or blended French courses?

We offer online language curricula that fulfill most institutional language requirements. Developed by expert faculty who are also design specialists, our courses feature strategic integration of authentic images, texts, audio, video and infographics to promote student and teacher engagement, support language proficiency, encourage intercultural enrichment and enhance learners’ 21st Century skills all in a virtual immersion setting.

What is Connexions?

Students learn French as they travel the Francophone world virtually in Connexions francophones, an innovative digital-primary language learning program that bridges the divide between print and digital media. Across over 70 interactive lessons, Connexions connects beginning learners with French-speaking cultures in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Pacific, and North America, while advancing their language proficiency and cultural savoir-faire to the next level.

Virtual Cultural Immersion

Each Connexions lesson features immersive and interactive activities, including original interviews and 360-degree virtual video visits to global cultural sites, all to create a meticulously designed multimodal learning experience.

Research-Based Approach

A digital tapestry that weaves together key pedagogical and technological innovations, Connexions builds on research findings from multiple disciplines to facilitate successful language and culture learning and teaching.

Flexible Curriculum

The Connexions suite of three courses is highly flexible to fit your program’s special needs. Whatever the format and configuration – asynchronous online, synchronous hybrid, or in-person traditional for two, three, four or more semesters – Connexions delivers effective state-of-the-art language education.