Compréhension auditive

A core feature of Connexions is the use of authentic video and audio to support the development of listening comprehension skills while virtually immersing our learners in Francophone culture. Each authentic video features unscripted responses and uses natural speech which are expertly structured along with the accompanying activities to support our beginner to intermediate learners.

In every second lesson of a given Module, students are guided through a listening comprehension activity such as the one featured below. Students begin with a preparation activity that helps them activate relevant knowledge, before viewing an authentic field video interview featuring footage recorded in France by our very own team! The sample below appears in Module 4 at the end of Volume 1 and this lesson explores the theme of city landmarks, the weather and means of transportation. Lesson 2 interview feature multiple speakers, in this case three, that all respond to the same questions based on the lesson’s themes. As students watch the video, the Connect platform allows students to toggle French captions on and off as they work through the prepared comprehension, analysis and communication activities which can be done in class or as homework.

As students progress through each Module, they encounter another authentic video interview in every 4th lesson. This time, the interview features a single speaker answering a set of questions on the lesson’s themes. The sample below appears in Module 3 and the theme of this lesson is centered around physical traits. The sample video addresses the vocabulary for the lesson and recalls vocabulary that students have already encountered such as personality traits and pastimes. Together with pre- and post-viewing activities, students are able to tease out a more complete picture of a French student’s description of her family members and build their own family portraits in French. As always, captions and image inserts support student comprehension.