Connexions lexicales

Connexions takes an innovative approach to vocabulary acquisition that supports learners and instructors at every stage. New vocabulary is introduced in every lesson through multiple formats:
– A word list in French with dynamic glossing of each item’s English translation to focus the students on the target language first.
– Each item has a corresponding audio recording featuring both male and female voices of French native speakers.

B lessons also feature a video presentation featuring images anchored in the cultural context of the lesson’s target region, allowing students to make audio-visual connections with the lesson’s vocabulary content before diving into application activities.
In Connexions, every new vocabulary list is introduced to students for receptive purposes in B lessons before they revisit the same list in A lessons for productive work. This method is designed to allow students ample time to digest the new information before being asked to communicate meaningfully.

Our first sample is taken from Volume II, Module 5, Lesson 2B where students learn terms used to describe the city and common urban features. The images are primarily sourced from Morocco and Marrakech to echo the location of the lesson’s cultural content.

Connexions’ vocabulary presentation videos use either green screen (like the video above) or picture in picture (like the one below). This next sample is taken from Volume II, Module 7, Lesson 5B where students learn about hairstyles and makeup. The images for this presentation are primarily sourced from Congo and Central Africa to reflect the location of the lesson’s cultural content.