Connexions phonétiques

Connexions’ innovations extend to adding pronunciation as a main feature of its curriculum. Tutorials such as the one featured below showcase an important linguistic feature in a video format that helps engage students and give them the necessary audio-visual coaching for their pronunciation. Integrated interactive activities keep students engaged throughout the presentation before they jump into application activities. As always, the examples given within the presentation reflect the cultural context of each lesson. The sample below is taken from Volume I, Module 1, Lesson 5 which is culturally rooted in Saint-Malo and where students are leaning about liaison and elision.

Another innovative aspect of this unique approach is the incorporation of non-verbal communication which allows students to learn about culturally significant gestures and expressions that are common in the Francophone world. This treatment always appears in the 6th and last lesson of each Module. The sample below is taken from Volume I, Module 1, Lesson 6 where students learn gestures corresponding to expressions “Il est ennuyeux.”, “Tu es fou.”, and “Je suis ivre!”.

Interactive pronunciation tutorials with integrated activities