Student Testimonials

Volume I

“The strongest aspect of this course is that it exposes me to not only the French language, but French and other French-speaking cultures. This makes it a strong aspect because if I were to travel to a French-speaking country, I would be more understanding of how to behave.”​

“The strongest feature of this course is its concept of touring around France to different cities. This makes the assignments more colorful as we are not only learning language rules which could easily get monotonous, but we are also learning culture and the pictures included in the book make it much more interesting to do the activities.”​

“The discussion activities make us engage with our other classmates. It makes me feel like I am not alone, even though this is an online course. It is nice to know that there are others on the same track as me.”​

“The course is very fun and interesting. I love the idea of touring virtually around France and picking vocabulary on the way.”​

“I love this course so far! I find we are learning very valuable information about French language and culture!”​

“A strong aspect of this course is that it can be done at your own pace. I have a very busy schedule, so it’s nice to find a time where I can fit in French.”​

“I enjoy the verbal aspect of the class. We not only are writing in French but actively pronouncing it every day which is extremely useful.”​

“The audio on how to pronounce the words is very helpful because it uses two people that pronounce the words differently.”​

“The book’s explanation videos are very helpful.”​

“The activities are fun and different from what I’m used to.”​

“I think it is just the right amount of challenging and graspable. “​

“The amount of examples is very helpful and how we can refer to the textbook throughout the modules helps!”​